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Si prefieres leerme en otros idiomas, estas son las novelas que tengo traducidas​ hasta el momento. 

Todas ellas están disponibles en AMAZON, para todas las plataformas en digital, papel

y gratis, con kindleUnlimited. Si aún no te has suscrito, hazlo GRATIS AQUÍ.

Y sin más, desearte... ¡Feliz lectura!

Texan Downfall

1 de octubre de 2017

En inglés

Love in Chains, Book 1 
Tucker is a tycoon in the oil industry. He just started taking care of Tommy, his nephew, who is an orphan since his father’s unexpected death in a car crash. Tommy hasn’t said a word since the accident. Tucker decides to take Tommy to an innovative therapy with horses someone recommended him, but once he arrives at the ranch he discovers the owner affects him in a weird way... 
Natalie is anxiously looking forward to the arrival of an important businessman who will enrol his nephew in her therapy program. She hopes he finds her project an interesting one; so interesting as to be willing to invest so children without economic means could also join her program. But Natalie wasn’t counting on the feelings this arrogant, dictatorial, and tremendously attractive man was going to provoke in her... 

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